DÉVELOPPEMENT CAMIRAND is a versatile real estate developer backed by more than 35 years of experience and a solid reputation. We strive to achieve the impossible for our clients. This often involves much more than just constructing buildings—it’s about turning their dreams, vision and aspirations into reality.

As a real estate owner, Développment Camirand has an in-depth understanding of how complex real estate construction can be, not to mention effective and attentive building management.

Our team has extensive experience in finance, real estate, construction and administrative matters in the areas of banking, government, municipal regulations, law and taxation. This broad knowledge enables us to help clients meet their targets.


Regardless of what our clients seek to achieve—from starting, expanding or acquiring a business to building or relocating work sites—our primary goal is to understand where our clients are coming from and where they want to go. This involves identifying immediate and future needs and developing the right strategies for getting the results our clients are aiming for.

Développement Camirand manages more than 300,000 square feet of real estate and always goes the extra mile to ensure that our clients receive continuous personalized service. With a mixed base of renters that includes small and mid-sized businesses, non-profits, institutions, government agencies, multi-nationals and residential occupants, we are able to remain versatile and keep up with developments in various markets.


Développement Camirand offers rental spaces in the Greater Montreal Area. We know that selecting and designing spaces is both critical and complex. That’s why we offer broad expertise to design unique spaces that are suitable to our clients’ needs. Discover all our commercial spaces available for rent.

“We truly appreciate the assistance you provided for the construction of our multi-tenant development. Before calling on your services, we feared that high construction costs would prevent our project from going forward. Your prompt and direct action helped save the project.” Charles Larouche, Engineer and Vice-President, Real Estate at Technopôle Angus.  

Charles Larouche

“Our institution spent several years planning and unsuccessfully attempting to find sufficient space for our operations. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on professional fees of all kinds and finding ourselves on a path toward an expensive project—seemingly with no way out—we finally hired Mr. Camirand, who presented us with a feasible plan. The project was carried out to our complete satisfaction, staying within the initial budget and schedule. The team at Développment Camirand came up with an intelligent design, obtained the required plans and permits, and masterfully oversaw the construction.” Robert Castonguay, General Manager, Caisse populaire Desjardins du Réseau municipal.

Robert Castonguay

“We are proud to have partnered with you for our projects because we know that you are largely responsible for the success of our companies’ major restructuring initiative.” Daniel Bineau, President, Transport Lafrance

Daniel Bineau

“We hired Développement Camirand to manage our construction project. Their professional support proved invaluable throughout the project by ensuring efficient cost control, meticulous coordination and continuous monitoring of construction quality.” Catherine Deschamps, Maison l’échelon

Catherine Deschamps

“Développement Camirand has been an important partner for MITO Sushi for the past 10 years. Jules Camirand and his dedicated multi-disciplinary team developed and implemented original real estate solutions for us at every step of our rapid growth. Thanks to Développement Camirand, we have always had the capacity and space required to meet the growing demand among grocery store chains for our products and services—and all our projects have been completed on time and on budget.” Serge Mboumtcho, President and CEO, MITO Sushi Inc.

Serge Mboumtcho

“Our mushroom farm has been located on Moreau Street since we first started operations in 2015. Développement Camirand recommended this space, which met all our needs. Their team also provided assistance during the entire site layout phase. The location is ideal as it is close to our customers, and since the space can accommodate our future growth, we will not have to move.” Dominique Lynch-Gauthier, Co-Founder, Blanc de gris – Champignons frais

Dominique Lynch-Gauthier

“We were able to carry out our project thanks to Mr. Camirand’s knowledge and experience. Without his support and sound advice, none of this would have been possible. We will always be grateful.” Manon Cordeau, President, Cordeau H. Transport

Manon Cordeau