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Whether for a business start-up, expansion, acquisition, construction or relocation project, the primary objective is to understand the current positioning of customers, to identify their immediate and future needs in addition to guiding their expectations. This approach establishes the strategies to be implemented to achieve the desired results.

Financial package and venture capital

  • Analysis of the sensitivity and profitability of the project in order to establish financing strategies
  • Establishment of an optimal financial and corporate structure
  • Coordination and preparation of documents required for funding requests (financial statements, projections, evaluations, budget estimate, quotes and plans)
  • Negotiation of funding requests from various banking institutions and other partners
  • Venture capital

    Acquisition, sale and rental

    • Pre-project market study to establish the necessary territory and area
    • Search for the best investments in terms of building and location
    • Negotiation Purchase, sale and / or rental agreement
    • Environmental analysis according to use
    • Land subdivision, change of zoning, permit, etc.

      Project coordination, construction

      • Production of detailed budget estimates for the entire project
      • Negotiation and coordination of various professionals (architect, civil engineer, environmental engineer, geological engineer, mechanical engineer, designer process engineer, etc.)
      • Negotiation and obtention of a contract respecting the budget and the request stated at the start of the project.
      • Obtaining accreditation and / or various grants such as LEED, BOMA BEST, HACCEP, PR @ M

        Administrator of a real estate park of more than 300,000 square feet, Développement Camirand makes every effort to offer its customers personalized and constant service. The mix of its rental customers (SMEs, NPOs, Institutional, Governmental, international, residential) allows it to be versatile and stay on the lookout for different markets.


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