Our company offers a wide range of services to help you make your projects a reality, from financial arrangements to commercial space rentals and construction.



Financial arrangements – Venture capital

  • Analyze project feasibility and profitability to determine the right financing strategies
  • Establish optimal financial and corporate structures
  • Coordinate and prepare documents required for financing (financial statements, projections, evaluations, budget estimates, plans and specifications)
  • Negotiate financing applications with various financial institutions and other partners
  • Venture capital


Real estate – Purchase, sale, rental

  • Perform pre-project market studies to determine the right location and property size
  • Search for the best investments (building and location)
  • Negotiate the purchase, sale and/or rental agreement
  • Perform environmental assessments, as needed based on usage
  • Land registers, zoning changes, permits, etc.


Real estate project coordination – Construction

  • Produce detailed budget estimates for your entire project
  • Negotiate with and coordinate various disciplines (architecture, civil engineering, environmental engineering, geology, mechanical engineering, design, process engineering, etc.)
  • Negotiate and obtain turnkey contracts ensuring compliance with initial budgets
  • Ensure your project remains on schedule and on budget, and meets all specifications
  • Obtain certification and/or grants, such as LEED, BOMA BEST, HACCP and PR@M